REEHD (2022)

REEHD is not based on sounds of real instruments, but on sounds generated by physical modeling. Physical modeling allows to go beyond the limits imposed by real instruments as well as the limits imposed by human players. This can result in certain sounds no longer having any relation to known instrumental sounds. In REEHD sound objects interact as sound gestures as well as textures in a concept of composed spatial counterpoints in virtual spaces.

"But no one should be afraid that looking at signs leads us away from things; on the contrary, it leads us into the innermost of things." (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, 1646-1716)

REEHD is awarded (honorary mention) at international composition competition MUSICA NOVA 2023, Prague, czech republic.


Spatialisation: ambisonic, 8-channel, 07:11

REEHD (2022) - excerpt