Salix (2020)

"Salix" emerged from a brief acoustic observation of branches and leaves of a very old specimen of a "Salix Alba Tristis" from the willow family (Salicaceae), which were slightly moved by a rising wind. These movements, which grip the trunk, branches and dense foliage in different ways, become sonic gestures and textures, as does the life-giving and ever-scarcer water within them.

The structural nature of these sounds leads to spectral and temporal variations that are sonically developed in the course of the piece with the means of the electronic studio. The formal proportions become clear in the intervals between striking sounds according to the golden section.

Not only this mighty tree, but also all other living creatures in nature and the earth that supports them, need our care and mindful treatment today and in the future more than ever before.

Spatialisation: Ambisonic, 8-channel, 06:09

Salix (2020) - excerpt

"Salix" ist auf der CD "20_20" der DEGEM erschienen.