Ideale Landschaft Nr. 6 (2020)

The manifold real (sound)-landscapes have been themes in the arts again and again over the course of time. Special approaches can be found in so-called "ideal landscapes", namely in European landscape painting of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The 8-channel electroacoustic composition "Ideal Landscape No. 6" is inspired by these constructed, calm and non-real landscapes of European landscape painting as well as by an etching by the German artist Ernst von Hopffgarten. It is the 6th sheet of his cycle "Variations in G", which has no title of its own.

Although the composition is not about the "setting to music" of a graphic model, there are structural similarities between the two works.

The sound material is abstract sounds produced with the synthesiser or calculated with Csound, a programming language for sound synthesis, which were created through additive and subtractive sound synthesis.

Spatialisation: Ambisonic

Ideale Landschaft Nr. 6 (2020) - excerpt