Hafen Beddingen (2009)

The sonic landscape of the inland port "Beddingen" (Lower Saxony - in the northern part of Germany) is characterized by large dynamic contrasts in the tension between lofi and hifi-soundscape.

Amid the cranes, railway wagons, cargo ships, trucks, conveyors and storage tanks there is still sometimes an almost unreal silence in which time seems to stand still and even the slightest noise can be perceived.

In contrast to this silence there are enormous acoustic events: dramatic metallic strokes, roaring and murmur, high-frequency squeals, shrieks and a deep rumble of cranes when conveying the various goods. The organisation of the composition seizes this structure by documenting and contrasting sound pictures, which are different in structural density and dynamics.

In the course of the composition sound transformation processes constantly increase until finally the modified sound material hardly allows any conclusions about its origin.

electroacoustic, 33:30


Hafen Beddingen (2009) - excerpt



02.02. - 16.03.2009









Kopenhagen, Dänemark






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