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Nachtraum (2010)

Nachtraum - Burgplatz Braunschweig.

Spring 2009, early darkness. The nights are cold, sometimes it rains. Nocturnal sound space of a big city - Brunswick, south-east Lower Saxony, Germany.

NACHTRAUM is about the experience and the acoustic interpretation of the nocturnal urban soundscape and the sounding structures that give this space contour. Recordings from several nights in the time between 00:00 and 06:00 in the morning in March and April 2009 in Brunswick are merged into a continuum. Metamorphoses, anticipations and repetitions of individual sound events specify the subjective experiences as facilities of sound in fantasmagoric episodes.

Sound enters the nocturnal room and returns later modified. Experiences seem shadowy in poetic sounding pictures in the course of the night and reflect the altered perception at night. Acoustic spaces of different sizes and audibility flow into each other.

Additional electronic sounds are related to the existing sound material in an interpretive / contrasting way. Sounds find each other, gather unpredictable and lose their energy into the nocturnal silence which in a big city is only a relative one.

electroacoustic, 52:48


Commissioned by WDR3 Studio akustische Kunst

Premiered 17.09.2010, 23:05

Nachtraum (2010) - excerpt