Dry Friction (2012)


"Dry Friction" can be imagined as sound gestures of solid metal surfaces in contact. Transformations in both time-domain (timestretching and shrinking of sounds, sound textures, granular synthesis, filtering, etc.) and frequency domain (spectral changes, blurring, focussing on certain harmonics, etc.) lead to a processing of sounds in the sense of progressive changes. The certain relationships between those specific sounds can be visualized as a tree structure (mindmap). The idea of "metal" can also be heard as resoncances and metallic spaces, though sometimes adding an impression of liquid. Recurring alterations of complex material and their acoustic derivations can be regarded as a kind of "thematic work" going trough different stages of friction.

Selected and premiered at the International Computer Music Conference 2012 (ICMC), Ljubljana, Slovenia. Selected for EMUFest 2012 "Festival Internazionale di Musica Elettroacustica del Conservatoria S.Cecilia", Rome, Italy, Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2014, Seoul, Korea.

electroacoustic, 12:55

Dry Friction (2012) - excerpt