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Topos Concrete (2014)


The territory (gr. topos) is a rough and harsh landscape with mountains,
valleys, canyons and plains, sand and stones, though it appears evenly and
smooth. The color is grey. The size is about 30 square-meters. It is the
floor of a garage and it is made of
concrete (engl.) Beton (german)
Concrete is a building material, a kind of unshaped dry powder made of
sand, granulated stones and cement, dusty and chaotic. Mixed with water it
becomes flexible and fluid and goes into a metamorphosis to become dry
again, static and resistable and of any wanted shape. Aspects of working
with native granularity, fluidness as well as stiffness and different kind
of acoustic spaces were leading ideas of the composition. To produce the
sound of congealed concrete, different objects were moved on the floor
(glass, metal, paper, plastics, stone, wood) like a macro-scan-pickup of a
turntable. Contact microphones were mounted to the objects in order to
record the resonant movements of the objects on the floor. "Topos Concrete"
is based upon the resulting sounds which exhibit rich spectra and numerous
individual sound gestures and textures. TOPOS CONCRETE is about the
sounding and musical quality of concrete as a substance and the concepts
behind it, as it becomes an acoustic building material within the
composition by the means of electroacoustic music. The duration of the
composition as well as other internal parameters concerning structure and
form has been deduced from the ratio of the sides of the room: 1:1.33031.
Spatialization: 3rd-order-ambisonic.

TOPOS CONCRETE has been premiered at the Linux Audio Conference 2015,
Mainz, Germany and performed at numerous international festival of acousmatic music i.e. International Computer Music Festival 2015, Denton, Texas (USA);
NoiseFloor-Festival 2015, Stafford, (UK); New York City Electroacoustic
Music Festival 2015, (USA); Akademie der Künste, Berlin (Germany), EMU-Fest
International Electroacoustic Music Festival 2015, Rome (Italy); 

Electroacoustic, 8-channel, 09:18



Topos Concrete - (2014) - excerpt

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